Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Definition of Oasis

Even though deserts contain very little water, people are still able to live in them. That’s because many desert communities are formed near an oasis.

The word oasis is used to describe a small space in the desert that is made fertile by the presence of water. 

Oases are found near a water source where groundwater is sufficiently close to the surface. Water bubbles up through the ground in natural springs, or can easily be reached by wells.

Oases of middle and central Asia, the desert receive water from water-courses originating in the surrounding mountain ranges.

People in desert communities also survive dry seasons by pumping water from sources that are farther away such as reservoir. Even in driest climates, reservoir can produce enough fresh water to build thriving cities. 

The economy of the oases in based on agriculture: dates in the palm groves of the northern Sahara, fruit and early vegetables in the oases of Argentina and cotton in those of Central Asia.

Traditional oases have also introduced handicraft activities.
Definition of Oasis

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