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Royal Belum State Park in Malaysia

One of the oldest rainforest in world, dating over 130 million years old, Belum forest is the northern most frontier of Perak, abutting the border with Thailand and spanning area of 2000km square (772 sq miles).

The Royal Belum State Park is part of the larger Belum-Temengor first complex, one of the largest tracts of forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

Riyal Belum northern border shared with Bang Lang National Park, Thailand and Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailanad.

The Belum and Temengor forest was given the royal warrant by the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, when he declared it the Royal Belum Park in July 2003.

The park was managed by Perak State Parks Corporation, An area of 117,500 ha (290,343 acres) was conserved and proclaimed as a no-logging zone.

The Royal Belum is home to 270 bird species and may hold the world’s greatest concentration of hornbills. The Royal Belum also has records of viable populations of rhinos.

Rhinos were found in equal numbers as Endau-Rompin. Over the years, the estimates have varied to between seven and thirteen animals. Other animals include Malayan tigers, Malaysian sunbear, tapirs and the white-handed gibbon.
Royal Belum State Park in Malaysia

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