Friday, November 22, 2019

Kakamega Forest in Kenya

Kakamega Forest is located in West Kenya in vicinity to Lake Victoria and is a forest ecosystem of fragments of different size, structure and distances to each other. At 1580m above sea level, it has been classified it as a moist semi-montane semi-deciduous forest.

Kakamega Forest is situated on that Lake Victoria Basin which was formed during the middle Pleistocene by earth movements.

Kakamega Forest has numerous grasslands many of which are enveloped by forest. They vary in structure and composition and their origins remain unknown to date. Some of these grass-lands have scattered trees, some have termite mounds, others are devoid of trees, yet others combine these characteristics in various degrees.

The Rainforest exhibits a unique biodiversity and habitat rarity, which makes it a sanctuary for a remarkable diversity of plants, birds, insects and other forms of animal life not found anywhere else in Kenya. It is also a source to several Rivers that drain into Lake Victoria.

Habitats within the established boundaries include indigenous forest, swamp and riverine forest, colonizing forest, disturbed forest, forestry plantations, and natural grass glades.

Closed canopy indigenous forest covers about 30% of the official area, and is dominated by evergreen hardwood trees such as Funtumia africana, Ficus spp., Croton spp., and Celtis spp. The forest has a unique mixture of lowland and montane species.
Kakamega Forest in Kenya
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