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Himalayan Forest

It is one of the most important natural resources. Himalayan is the great range of mountains that separates India, along its north-central and northeastern frontier, from China (Tibet).

Western Himalaya
This comprises of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the Uttar Pradesh hills. The western Himalaya is one of the most interesting regions of the world with climate and vegetation from tropical to arctic.

The western Himalaya forests are diverse, both in extent and composition. The main forest types found in this region are:
Moist sal forest
Dry Siwalik sal forest
Dry Mixed Deciduous Forest
Dry bamboo brakes
Hair Sissoo Forest
Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest
Dry scrub forest

Central Himalaya
The central Himalaya includes all of Nepal. It represents a transition zone between the western and eastern Himalaya forest.

Eastern Himalaya
The eastern Himalaya consist of the Darjeeling hills, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Arunachal Pradesh.
Sal forest are almost pure forest found in hills and lower Himalaya up to an elevation about 600 meters. The principal sub-types are: bhabar-terai sal forest, Siwalik sal forest and hill sal forest.

Sub-alpine Forest
This group of forests lies near the snowline in all parts of the Himalaya, usually occupying a position between the alpine meadows and the temperature forests.

This region represents the uppermost limit of tree growth.

The forest wealth of the Himalaya is vital for regional prosperity along with soil conservation associated with the Gangetic plain.

Major human activities already shaken the foundation of eco-balance in Himalayan region. Himalayan forest rich in flora and fauna have been brutally by man for many decades.

Thousands of hectares of forest have been cleared especially in Terai belt of Himalayas to provide for agriculture land.
Himalayan Forest

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