Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pine tree

Pine trees belong to the largest genus of conifers, the genus Pinus. The genus Pinus belongs to the class coniferopsida, the order Coniferales and the family Pinaceae. Pine trees dominate coniferous forest in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The genus Pinus is the most important among the conifers, with about 80 species one of which is the maritime pine, Pinus pinaster.

The plants is differentiate into roots, stem and leaves.

Pine timber is an outstanding wood and accounts for almost one-half of the total lumber supply of the world.

Pine trees often grow in cold, dry or windy areas where protecting themselves for water loss is a serious issue.

Pinus is a large tall tree, ranging in height from 70 to 200 feet. The plant is sporophyte.

The stem is branched. The branching is monopodial The branches are of two types: Long branches or branches of unlimited and dwarf branches or branches of limited growth.

On of the most important pine is Pinus strobus. It grows in north-eastern United States and parts of Canada. In northern America the timber is widely used for doors and windows, furniture, cabinet work, boxes, matches, etc.

Another important Pine is Pinus australis and it grows in the southern states of USA. The hard pine is widely used for beams, heavy constructions, bridges, ships, cars, railroad ties, boxes, etc.

Several different species of pine are used to extract the essential oil and they are often labeled as ‘pine oil’ a fact that can easily considered a novice which is not familiar with each botanical name. Pinus sylvestris is the most therapeutic and safe pine oil while others such as Pinus mugo and Pinus palustris, the long leaf pine, are less therapeutic and highly irritating to the skin.
Pine tree
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